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Welcome to the IBM Retired Employees' Club - London Branch

The IBM Retired Employees’ Club, London Branch, currently has almost 1300 members. 

Its purpose is to provide Events, Visits, Short Breaks and other activities, which allow retirees and their spouses/friends to meet up and share in the enjoyment of these activities at rates below those that would have to be paid if participating in them separately.

The programme is compiled by a small committee, who seek to make it varied and appealing to our wide variety of members. 

Your committee welcomes ideas and suggestions for events, so if you have any that you would like us to consider, please contact us either via, or drop a note to a committee member directly.  Contact addresses are under the 'Information' tab, then select 'Committee' and choose who you wish to contact.

More details of what we provide and how to participate can be gained by exploring our web site.  We hope you enjoy doing so and find it useful. 











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